‘I Took an Oath,’ Rusty Bowers Says of Rejecting Efforts to Overturn the Election

Mr Bowers again dismissed the push, saying: ‘I was sworn – for me to do what you are doing would be against my oath.’

Finally, he testified, there was a call from another Trump supporter, Rep. Andy Biggs, Republican of Arizona, on the morning of Jan. 6, 2021, when the Electoral College vote was set to be confirmed. by a joint session of Congress. Mr. Biggs, he said, again pushed him to rescind his voters’ state certification for Mr. Biden.

“We have no legal way” to “enforce such a request,” recalls Mr. Bowers. He also recalled his reaction when he learned that Trump’s advisers had launched a plan to come up with “alternate” voter lists. “I thought of ‘The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight’ book,” Mr Bowers said.

Mr. Bowers’ diary contained an entry in which he said: “I don’t want to win by cheating. I will not play with the laws to which I have sworn allegiance. He was invited to read it in the testimony.

He was also asked his reaction to a statement by Mr. Trump criticizing Mr. Bowers’ testimony in advance, in which he claimed that Mr. Bowers had told him that the election was “rigged” and that he had won the state.

“I had a conversation with the president,” Mr. Bowers said. “It’s definitely not that.”

A moment later, with more emphasis, he said: ‘Anywhere, anyone, anytime said I said the election was rigged – that wouldn’t be true. “

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