I’m a fashion expert – my free tip will make you look slimmer & more chic and it takes just a couple of seconds

ARE YOU interested in sprucing up your outfits before you leave home each day?

A fashion expert just gave some solid advice that both men and women can try.


A TikToker shares details about the “French Tuck” with its viewersCredit: TikTok/stylehard

The TikToker and fashionista who runs the @StyleHard account already has 913,000 followers who listen to her tips and tricks.

She says, “I’m going to show you how to make that boring outfit way more fashionable – and it won’t cost you a single dollar.”

She stands in front of the camera wearing ripped blue jeans and an oversized white shirt.

Her sleeves are puffy, she wears black heels, and her hair is in a simple bun.

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She said, “Let me introduce you to the ‘French Tuck.’ Actually… I didn’t introduce it, it was popularized by Tan France from Queer Eye.

Tan is known for being a reality TV star and a detail-oriented fashion designer.

“It’s kind of like…business in the front, party in the back,” she explains, doing a pirouette.

She tucks the front of her shirt into the front of her jeans and lets the fabric from the back of her shirt hang down.

“It’s the fashion mullet. It’s a mullet shirt,” she explains, raising her arms.

The mullet is a hairstyle in which a person’s hair is cut shorter in the front and on the sides, but remains longer in the back.

The way his shirt is tucked in is certainly reminiscent of the popular ’80s haircut.

“It’s so cute. It’s so chic. It definitely makes your outfit more fashionable, more stylish, and it’s so easy.

She shows how "French tuck" with his own oversized shirt


She shows how to do the “French Tuck” with her own oversized shirtCredit: TikTok/stylehard
She says Tan France is one of the people teaching this fashion trick


She says Tan France is one of the people teaching this fashion trickCredit: TikTok/stylehard

“And the best? It was free! she is ecstatic.

Another reason this trick is useful is that it helps people look slimmer – instantly.

Several people responded in his comments section on TikTok with their own opinions.

One person wrote, “Fashion mullet! I like it.”

“I’ve been doing this since middle school. So you’re saying I was trendy in middle school (25 yrs ago)?! Great,” someone else joked.

A third user wrote, “I’ve been doing this since the 80s but you make it classy.”

“Oh I did this today not knowing the name of this tuck! I just call it a full front tuck or a one side tuck,” another TikToker added.

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