I’m a fashion expert – the must-buy Amazon essentials that look expensive but are $50 cheaper than you’ll pay in store

THIS fashion expert lists essentials from Amazon that you can grab that still look stylish and expensive while still being about $50 cheaper than what you’d pay in local stores.

TikTok fashion expert Maddie, who goes by the username @maddiejosephinee, recently posted a video revealing some key Amazon items that can help you affordably.


TikTok fashion expert Maddie shows off a few different items that look fancy but will save anyone a few bucksCredit: TikTok / @maddiejosephinee
Lululemon Workout Gear Can Be Affordable and Comfortable on Amazon According to Maddie


Lululemon Workout Gear Can Be Affordable and Comfortable on Amazon According to MaddieCredit: TikTok / @maddiejosephinee

At the start of the post, Maddie explains that this is part two of her series on some Amazon clothes that really aren’t that bad.

Before listing the good stuff, Maddie explains, “I order a lot of stuff off Amazon from TikTok but return about 90% of it.”

What she then shows her followers is the 10% that are always stylish and affordable and add to anyone’s wardrobe.

1. Birkenstock sandals from Amazon

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The first item Maddie lists as a must-have at around $20 to $25 is a pair of beige sandals very similar to Birkenstocks.

“I think they’re so cute and comfy, they’re like Birkenstock-level comfort to me,” Maddie says.

She would go on to say that the sandals feel like “walking on clouds” to emphasize comfort for the price.

2. Medium-sized black handbag

Maddie then shows her followers a black handbag with an equally stylish pattern without breaking the bank.

“It’s very similar to the Bottega-vibes bag, and I think it’s so easy to put on and wear,” says Maddie.

The bag is made of faux leather but the quality looks very real, according to the fashion expert.

It’s a great option to look for on Amazon that could save consumers nearly hundreds of dollars over luxury handbags.

3. Workout outfits

As the third affordable and stylish buy on the list, Maddie shows off workout clothes that even come from top brands like Lululemon.

The white top Maddie is sporting is LuLulemon which is not full price. and the bottoms are similar to Lululemon’s “4-inch tall hottie totties,” she says.

The shorts and top could save around $50 or more if purchased from Amazon.

4. Green Dress

The final piece in Maddie’s recommendations for her best buys on Amazon includes an all-green dress.

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“I like it specifically because it really fits your boobs, I had to return the Zara one because it didn’t fit me,” Maddie explains.

Maddie notes that in any case, the specific dress seems to deserve a lot of compliments, probably considering its quality.

The next time you think there’s no way to pay for a luxury item you want, it might pay to check Amazon first.

This green dress (pictured) from Amazon looks like a brand


This green dress (pictured) from Amazon looks like a brandCredit: TikTok / @maddiejosephinee
The kinds of items Maddie lists in her review could save consumers a lot of money.


The kinds of items Maddie lists in her review could save consumers a lot of money.Credit: Getty

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