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Behind the scenes, Elvis wasn’t willing to change his eating habits despite attempts from his maid.
Elvis' name is back in the headlines these days, thanks to Austin Butler and his brilliance portraying the role of the music icon. Fans are looking back at Elvis' life, and nowadays, his net worth continues to climb, decades after his passing in 1977.
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Elvis passed away at the age of 42. Among his health concerns, included his diet. Elvis had noticeably gained weight during his final years and according to his maid, this was because of his bad schedule and poor eating habits.
We'll reveal why Elvis gained so much weight, and what he was eating at the time, according to his maid, Nancy Rooks.
This was the first major problem for Elvis and his health, the lifestyle he was forced to live because of his work. According to Nancy Rooks, his maid and cook, the icon would eat breakfast at 5 PM, due to his sleeping habits during the day because of the night prior.
She tells Classic Bands, "He would breakfast at this time (5 PM) in the evening. This would be his breakfast time. He didn't eat breakfast in the morning like maybe you or I would eat breakfast, 'cause he would be asleep most of the time in the morning time."
"He might wake up some time that day upstairs, so we would probably take him some water or we would have a bowl of fruit up there."
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As for dinner, that would also take place during the late evening hours. Dinner would usually be prepped in advance for Elvis, given that he'd return to eat around 12:30 AM to 1 AM.
"Dinner time would be like, he'd go to the movies or something and he'd be back by 12:30 AM or 1 AM that night. He would come back in and eat dinner, but the dinner would already be prepared.
"But there would always be somebody there to fix it for him," Rooks revealed.
Elvis' team behind the scenes was very much aware of his poor eating habits, and they tried to make changes. However, Elvis wasn't having it, and would even get upset when encouraged to diet.
"At that time when we was fixin' food for him, a lot of it was fat, sure. We would try to put him on a diet, but he wouldn't let us. He wanted what he wanted to eat. You couldn't make no suggestion," his maid revealed.
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The staff would also try to minimize his portions, but even this didn't sit well with the music icon.
"I took food off his plate," his maid revealed. "And he would see me on the camera and tell me to go back and put that food on his plate. He'd be upset. I'd have to come back downstairs and put it back on his plate."
Despite the efforts of the team, Elvis stuck to his ways, and it caused his inevitable weight gain.
In the year of his passing in 1977, it became obvious that the singer had put on weight. Elvis' maid agreed, and revealed that it had to do with his eating habits, that were left unchanged despite the attempts.
A typical breakfast for Elvis included three to four eggs, along with cheese and a lot of bacon.
Rooks revealed, "Quite a bit," when asked how much weight Elvis had gained during his final year.
"He gained quite a bit of weight. Like I would tell people, I would beat up maybe three or four eggs. When I beat 'em up, I put a little cheese in 'em, put a little onions in 'em, put a little stuffing in it. Then I would fry as hard and as dry a whole pound of bacon, OK?
"A lot of people think a pound is a lot, but, it might be, but it had about eighteen or nineteen slices in it. And I had to make sure it didn't have any grease. It had to be dry."
Sadly in August of 1977, Elvis passed away at the age of 42.
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