Glasgow actor Daniel Kerr opens up on 'toxic' weight loss and body image that inspired new film – Glasgow Live

After struggling with his own weight, Daniel Kerr, who starred in The Wee Man, wrote and directed ‘Norm’ which tells the story of a man who goes on an intensive diet to lose weight.
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A BAFTA-award winning actor has swapped reading a script for creating his very own as he's soon to release a short film, which he wrote and directed, about body image.
Daniel Kerr, who was recognised as the Best Young Performer for his portrayal of gangster Paul Ferris in 2013 film The Wee Man, is premiering his film Norm at Odeon Luxe, in Springfield Quay, on January 28.
Norm tells the story of a man who goes on a five-week intensive diet after being unhappy with the way he looks. But it soon becomes clear that his methods of losing weight are toxic and causing harm not only to himself, but those around him too.
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Daniel, aged 22, created the film in 2021 within three months and achieved success after submitting it to film festivals. It won awards at Phoenix Shorts and The Dark Fest, and was a semi-finalist at the Paris International Short Festival.
His inspiration for creating Norm stems from his own issues with body image his weight.
Daniel, from Bearsden, told Glasgow Live: "When you’re an actor you are self-obsessed with the way you look and how that’s going to affect parts and auditions, it becomes quite all-consuming. I had put a considerable amount of weight on.
"I was toxic in the way I viewed myself. I wouldn’t go on holidays because I didn’t want to take my top off.
"When you get into your own head, you let it overtake yourself. It’s not a nice way to be and makes you judgemental of yourself and other people."
Since creating the short film, Daniel says he has noticed a 'drastic' improvement in the way he views himself.
He added: "A huge part of this mindset has to go to the film because of realising how ugly, on the inside, you can be when you think like that. It can turn you into quite a nasty person.
"It’s not how anyone should treat themselves. Confronting that and making the film is one of the reasons why I was like I need to nip it in the bud as soon as possible.
"My advice would be to try and speak to people that maybe understand. Try and confide in people that will listen and recognise that the way you look is often irrelevant to who you are as a person.
"Just be kind to yourself and don’t let things that don’t matter rule your life. As hard as it is, and being a man myself, I think there’s quite a lot of pride involved and expectations of the 'stiff upper lip' and 'don’t cry or show emotion'.
"It makes you quite weak not being able to admit when there’s a problem or there’s something that needs to be addressed."
Daniel wants to see more Scottish talent creating films and showcasing them to the world.
Norm is being shown at Odeon Luxe on an invite basis only – but an online premiere will be available to watch from 6pm on January 28.
Details for the online premiere will be announced a week before on YouTube.
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