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Jim Parsons’ decision to leave The Big Bang Theory caused relief for Kunal Nayyar.
The decision to end The Big Bang Theory was a controversial one behind the scenes. The show came to an end, after Jim Parsons decided against the renewal of his contract, following season 12.
This caused quite the reaction among the cast. Melissa Rauch praised Parsons for showing courage in making such a decision, while Simon Helberg wasn't pleased with the blame being put on Parsons for ending the show, given that he was honoring his contract and not asking for the show to end.
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Turns out, each member of the show had their own unique reaction. We'll take a look back at how Jim Parsons felt about making the decision, while also taking a look at how Kunal Nayyar felt about it all. Nayyar felt conflicted, and related the decision to a breakup.
Let's take a look back at how it all went down behind the scenes.
Heading into the new season, Jim Parsons revealed that there was little talk about extending the show. The actor wanted to bring up the matter during contract negotiations, however, it never came. Just like that, the new season was starting and Parsons felt as though he needed to share the info ASAP.
In the revealing book, The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series, Parsons revealed the details of how he approached his exit.
"I felt like a liar at that [first] table read, because I knew that at the end of these next 24 episodes, that was it for me. So I asked Chuck [Lorre] and Steve [Molaro] if we could talk."
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Once Parsons revealed his decision to the creator and showrunner, next was having to tell the entire cast. This announcement was a little more complicated, as it ultimately meant that the show was coming to an end.
Each cast member had their own reaction to Parsons' announcement, including Kunal Nayyar, who felt a type of relief.
Kunal Nayyar had a certain feeling following Parsons' decision to leave the show. However, Nayyar admitted that it wasn't a good or bad feeling, just that a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.
He revealed, "I felt a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I don't mean this in a positive or a negative way. I mean this in an absolute honest way, that something within me was released. At that moment I said goodbye."
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Nayyar would also admit that he didn't feel like the show needed to end, but understood that it was time. The sitcom star related to show coming to an end, to a breakup.
"You know I often say for me, personally, ending Big Bang was like breaking up with the love of your life when you know nothing is wrong but it’s just time."
Nayyar continues, "That’s really what it felt like you know. I’m still processing what that entire journey was like. 279 episodes you know, I grew up on that show."
Simon Helberg felt a similar feeling, understanding that it was time to move on. However, some of the cast felt differently, and were blindsided by the reveal.
Other cast members weren't as understanding. This included Kaley Cuoco, who broke down into tears, and struggled to look at Parsons on-set the following day.
As for Galecki, he did not appreciate the fact that nothing was discussed to the cast prior. Galecki would have liked for Parsons to have discussed his decision with the cast beforehand.
"I was shocked. We were just blindsided that day. And not necessarily shocked by Jim's decision, but that he hadn't had that conversation with his castmates first to prepare us."
"So yes, it could have been handled better. We're a family; have a conversation. And I don't even disagree with how Jim felt, because in many ways, I felt the same way. I just disagreed with how it was managed."
Thankfully, things got better between the two sides and Galecki would also reveal that he hugged Parsons after the decision was made.
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