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The word “diet” has come to be associated with a lot of negative connotations over time, including the implied beginning and end, frustration that comes with weeks or months of restriction, agitation from days spent calorie counting or skipping out on social events to adhere to your specific eating plan, and anger from these experiences.
However, there is still hope despite the fact that dieting does make it more difficult to lose weight and keep it off. You can reach your eating and fitness objectives, maintain those goals, and even have fun while doing it, with the correct attitude and a little perseverance. Here are five ways to have fun while losing weight.
Plan your meals and the things you’ll eat as though you’re serving them to someone you truly want to please. Make wise substitutions to your favourite dishes, eat smaller portions to minimise calories, or prepare meals that are more nutritionally balanced. Just don’t replace them with rabbit food or you’ll be setting yourself up for hungry times.
Keep the snacks you want to eat close at hand and visible. Make it difficult to grab the ones you’re attempting to avoid by hiding them from view. Instead of storing chips and other high-calorie snacks on the kitchen table, try having a bowl of fresh fruit there. This little technique makes it simpler to control the natural want to devour something when we see it.
One of the things that make losing weight difficult is using the word “exercise”. The word itself has a dull, monotonous sound. Thinking about your daily goals will help to motivate you more. This could take many different forms, such as exercising for a minute longer than you did yesterday, lifting a little more weight, or burning an additional few calories. Even if you’re just getting started, anything that shifts your focus from “Do I really want to do this?” to “Let’s see what I can do today” mentality should work. Just be sure that your daily achievement target is appropriate for where you are in your fitness journey.
Examine your lifestyle to see if there are any exercises that work for both your schedule and your personality. If it’s not a hassle that you hate, you’re more inclined to do them frequently. For example, walking is an easy way to exercise if you enjoy doing it. You can walk to the supermarket or perform errands while burning calories and you wouldn’t have to talk yourself into going to the gym.
Give yourself a non-food reward if you succeed in completing the tasks you set out to complete that day. Every day that you reach your workout goal, put a dollar in a jar. At the end of the month, you can then spend that money any way you like. When you’re in the middle of your workout, this tactic might also give you something enjoyable to focus on. What can you buy with all your money earned?
You can’t just will yourself to lose weight as you can get out of bed in the morning. Instead, it is something that occurs when you continuously practice other behaviours over time, such as eating less and moving more.
The best strategy to assist yourself in permanently losing weight is to use your willpower to choose foods to consume and things to do that you enjoy for your own sake. Your motivation to engage in those behaviours now and long after you reach your target weight will come from the joy and benefits you will experience from them.
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