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It’s been over four decades since Hollywood’s favorite action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, won his last Mr. Olympia title. From being the youngest winner of the title to bringing the sport of bodybuilding into the mainstream, Arnold is the undisputed GOAT. Even at 75, his spirits remain high. Instead of choosing to spend his leisure sitting comfortably on the sofa, Schwarzenegger likes to sweat it out.
Setting benchmarks with each passing day, the Terminator star is again in the news. In a recent video shared by the official page of Arnold Sports, the father of five is seen doing what he loves the most.
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Bodybuilding molded Arnold into the man that he is today. From earning him fame to giving him the reputation of a legend, the sport is an inseparable part of The Austrian Oak. He may not be competing professionally, but that’s not a reason for him to stay away from the gym. Sharing the clip in an Instagram story, it’s needless to say, it was done in an attempt to keep the fans inspired and motivated.
In the shared video clip, Schwarzenegger, dressed in comfortable gym wear, was seen working with the shoulder press machine. Even in his prime, Arnold earned accolades for his impressive upper body. At the bodybuilding events, his shoulders and biceps was the show-stealer.
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It’s often claimed that he had an upper arm circumference of 22 to 24″. The secret to achieving such sleeve-busting arms was a training technique called “21s.” As the video continued, Schwarzenegger remained undazzled by the surrounding. Engrossed in his workout, the only sound heard in the video was the machine’s screeching noise.
Arnold was always fascinated by big arms. His passion for getting big arms served as the driving force. Interestingly, before coming to America, he had no idea about a “preacher bench.” Soon enough, he started working towards his passion. He started working methodically and learned about his anatomy and physiology better.
His usual biceps workout routine looks like this-
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Soon enough, with his hard work, his biceps would surpass those of predecessors Larry Scott and Sergio Oliva. Keeping the generation motivated, needless to say, Schwarzenegger is a living legend.
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So what do you have to say about Arnold’s impressive shoulder and arm workout routine? Do share your perspective in the comments section below.
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