Diana's 2st weight loss while still eating chicken dinners and chillis after family trauma – Teesside Live

Diana is still able to enjoy her favourite meals – from curry to spaghetti bolognese – and is now taking over her Slimming World group
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A Stokesley mum is showing off her body transformation as she prepares to take over her Slimming World group.
When Diana Power's mum sadly passed away from a stroke, it uncovered how her family had a history of the medical condition on her mother's maternal side. Knowing that being overweight was a factor affecting the risk of having a stroke, the 53-year-old decided it was time to make a change.
Diana, who is from Redcar but lives in Stokesley, started going to Slimming World and reached her weight loss target – but then decided to stop. After a brief period of personal trainer sessions, she decided to return to Slimming World once again last year and has shifted an impressive two stone and two and a half pounds since October.
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The mum-of-two said: "I started going quite a few years ago, probably sort of about 2013. My mum had a massive stroke and it came to light that we have got a really strong family history of strokes on my maternal mum's side and obviously being overweight is one of the risk factors. I decided I needed to do something about it."
Diana went to Slimming World and eventually hit her target – so decided to stop going. When she turned 50, she decided it was time to get fit and went down the PT route just before the covid pandemic struck. She said: "Obviously, in lockdown, we had to do it on zoom and stuff and it wasn't quite the same.
"When we came out of lockdown I thought – I'm going to join some of the community classes. I started going to yoga and Zumba and thought now is the time – I need to go back! It was almost like a light bulb moment, I can do this. So I have never been great at PE or anything like that and I think the confidence has come from doing those community classes.
"I walked into the Stokesley group, not realising that it had only gone down to one group, and thought oh ok, I still want to do this. So I looked for my next nearest group which was Jen's in Guisborough. I remembered Jen because she used to come in and cover sometimes. I walked through the door of that class and they were just so friendly – I just thought, why haven't I done this sooner?"
"That was October. I'm going tomorrow to my group and I got my two-stone award this week."
Diana said she has noticed many benefits since losing the weight – including having "bags more energy." She has also received her Club 10 award, which is when you lose 10% of your starting body weight and is the moment "your health benefits start to kick in."
She said: "When I got that I thought I'm on my way now. I'm doing everything I can to make sure I don't end up in the same position as my mum did. I'm asthmatic as well and my breathing is definitely better.
"The first time I went I lost three and a half stone. Although I put some of it back on I hadn't put all of it back on. I think mainly because although other things were creeping in, the main meals I was cooking were based around slimming world foods – so it hadn't gone completely.
"It does prove a point that even when you are at target weight you do need to keep going to your classes. Slimming is not just about what you put in your mouth but what goes in your head as well.
"Your self-esteem just goes up and the fact that when you walk into the group, the people – not just the people who are running it ie. the leader and their social team – but other members in the group because they are all on that journey, they are all going through that same thing. So they are super friendly and that puts you at ease straight away."
She didn't need to compromise on the food she loved either. She explained: "Tonight I'm having roast chicken with vegetable couscous, we eat spaghetti bolognese, we eat chilli, we had chicken dinner, we have curries! It's all the foods you would normally eat just cooked the slimming world way. The fact is you never ever have to go hungry – or in my case hangry!"
"When I very first joined Slimming World all those years ago, it was such a traumatic time because of what was going on with my mum. I didn't tell anybody what I was doing and my husband didn't notice any difference in what I was cooking. It was months [until] he went, have you lost weight? I said yeah!"
Diana is also preparing to embark on a new career next week, and is currently undergoing training to take over her Slimming group as their new consultant. She said: "Stokesley hasn't had a permanent leader for probably over two years now so people have been covering the group and when I very first joined Stokesley there were four groups and now it's down to one.
"As of next week, I'm taking over, but not only that but I'm adding another group in so there will be two groups. It means that I can give back and hopefully help people. It is difficult so I just want to be able to help people discover those benefits of actually losing weight."
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