Jay Pharoah Reveals How He Lost 20 Pounds in 21 Days: The 'Weight Fell Off' – PEOPLE

Tracey Harrington McCoy is a celebrity news writer at PEOPLE Digital.
Jay Pharoah is revealing his weight-loss secret after losing 20 lbs. since the start of 2023.
The comedian, 35, shared his health milestone on Twitter Saturday, writing, “I’ve lost about 20 pounds in the last 3 weeks, totally intentional. … I should teach a class. Holiday weight GYONNNNEEEEE.”
Not long after he posted, a follower of his asked the Saturday Night Live alum how he did it.
“Controlled diet and 6-8 miles of running on level 12, 6 times a week, weight fell off like post [sic] roast meat,” Pharoah said.
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Pharoah isn’t the only comedian to focus on weight loss in the new year. Last week, Rosie O’Donnell excitedly shared a candid video with fans to reveal her achievement.
“Good morning. I’m on my way to school to drop her off, and I needed to let you know I lost 10 lbs. … since Christmas,” she said. “Ten lbs., I’m very happy. Tick, tock, you don’t stop.”
The actress and comeidan, 60, celebrated the moment in the caption, simply writing, "T e n !!"
In the comment section, O’Donnell was saluted by Ricki Lake, who applauded her with several clapping emojis along with a red heart emoji.
In a follow-up video, O'Donnell replied to a fan who asked how she was able to lose the weight.
“About two months ago my doctor put me on — not Ozempic, Mounjaro — and Repatha,” she explained. “One I do every other week and one I do once a week.”
The former Rosie O’Donnell Show host added that with the exception of a celebratory night where she enjoyed a champagne toast, she hasn’t drunk “anything except water” since Christmas.
"I really stopped drinking five or six Cokes a day. All I drink is water now," O'Donnell said.
She opened up about more lifestyle changes she's made, adding, "I'm not eating sugar as much as I can. My appetite has decreased significantly. It's probably the meds. And I'm trying to move more. So, all those things combined, that's what it is."
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