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Fallout 76 arrived in 2018 as an ambitious multiplayer installment in the iconic Fallout franchise. Although its beginnings were somewhat difficult, successive updates improved the situation.
The game’s community is usually very active, so they find issues quickly. In the past we have covered reports of rewards not being granted for some events, VATS-related bugs, among others.
Now, a new update brought a couple of severe glitches. After the update, Fallout 76 ‘Weapon Weight Reduction’ builds effects are not working, and the Plasma gun is forced to reload constantly.

Fallout 76 offers a wide range of items and armor with different advantages and effects. Players who prefer agility often go for ‘Weapon Weight Reduction’ builds.
However, multiple reports indicate that the ‘Weapon Weight Reduction’ effects of builds designed for that are no longer working after the recent update.
Updates that make me sad
I run a weapon weight reduction build. I have 5 pieces of enclave scout armor all with 20% weight reduction. However, a 20 lb hammer still weighs 20 lbs. I tried unequipping and equipping all armor pieces.
Can Someone Help inform me why all my Assault Rifles weigh more now after latest update
Can Someone Help inform me why all my Assault Rifles weighed 1/3 of original weight for the past three to six months and why after update they weigh original amount now?
This means that players’ weapons maintain their original weight, even if they equip reduced weight builds. This can hurt the entire experience for those accustomed to fast-paced gameplay.

The other bug brought by the update is directly affecting Plasma guns. These types of weapons allow you to shoot long bursts until all the core capacity is used.
However, the recent update is forcing players to constantly reload the Plasma gun after every few shots even if the core capacity has not been fully depleted.
When I fire my gatling plasma, it reduces my clip size to 10% (normal core: 250/250, when I start firing, it drops to 25/25, overcharged core starts at 350/350, when I start firing, drops to 35/35). Then it forces a reload with only 10% taken out of the core.
Fusion and plasma core glitch
So it seems that god has punished me for exploiting the infinite ammo glitch by making all my Gatling laser ammo go from 1000 rounds to 25, same with my plasma Gatling.
This particular bug is quite annoying since it forces you to constantly reload the Plasma gun. It can be the difference between winning or losing a battle since you won’t even be sure when you’ll need to reload.

Fortunately, the Bethesda team is already aware of both issues and investigating. However, there is still no ETA for a fix.
We will update this story as events unfold.
Featured Image: Fallout on Twitter
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