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Recent photos of the celebrity have displayed significant weight-loss
It’s unfortunate that there is still so much conjecture about the weight and physical appearance of celebrities, especially with so many examples of this being unhelpful to people’s mental-wellbeing in the past.
Yet, there is a sense of growing concern for Jessica Simpson amongst her friends as a recent selection of pictures emerged of the celebrity highlighted a significant loss of weight.
RadarOnline has published a story which intimates that those close to the former singer have become increasingly worried over the amount of weight she has lost in recent times.
“At 42, with three children, what woman fits into clothes she wore as a child?” asked one concerned fan in the comments of Simpson‘s latest photo.
“Someone needs to step in and help her.”
In a lot of cases, childbirth can kickstart weight-loss, aside from the obvious way, many new mothers find they frame drastically changes after giving birth.
Simpson, who stands at 5ft 3in, was in the news for losing 100lbs after the birth of her three-year-old daughter, Birdie.
However, her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, has hit back at critical comments online, insisting that Simpson is losing the weight and managing her change in form in a healthy way.
“My mantra is you get lean in life and strong in the gym,” he declared.
“So, the majority of the weight loss actually came from everything she did outside of the gym.
“Everything inside the gym is about toning and tightening.”
In more positive news for Jessica Simpson, RadarOnline has confirmed that talks are underway for the former singer and her family to be featured in a reality show similar to ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.
The premise of a possible show is as yet unclear, with her partner not hugely into life in the public eye, and this fact is combined with the young ages of her children… it isn’t the same as when Jack and Kelly Osbourne were given starring roles as teenagers in a similar series.
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