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Some call Wegovy, an injectable medicine used to lose weight, a life-changing drug. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Elon Musk have shared their successes using Wegovy on social media, but the drug became controversial when a shortage caused a run on a similar drug for diabetes.
“The whole social media thing really blew this story up,” said Dr. Steve Gold.
Gold is board certified in obesity medicine, and he says he has never seen anything like the once-weekly injectable drug Wegovy.
“Doctors have been using medications to help their patients lose weight for years. There used to be a very big stigma against using medication or using what people considered to be diet pills,” said Gold.
But this is different.
“Honestly, this medication has been a game changer for many of my patients,” Gold said.
When Wegovy was in the spotlight earlier this month Gold investigated why.
Pandemic-related supply shortages of Wegovy, which is made for weight loss, meant doctors were prescribing the same medicine, Ozempic, which is meant for diabetics.
“Diabetics couldn’t get their diabetes drugs because Ozempic was on short supply because doctors were using it for obesity and not for diabetes,” Gold says.
The supply crisis for Ozempic is over now, and Gold says overweight patients shouldn’t be ashamed to use Wegovy as a tool for bettering their health.
“They have lost amazing amounts of weight,” saidGold.
Insurance companies don’t always cover weight management medications, and paying for Wegovy out of pocket is expensive, running around $1,000 a month.
Wegovy mimics a hormone that tells your brain you’re full and slows digestion and food absorption.
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