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If you are female and plan on using Winstrol for weight loss, there are a few important considerations to be aware of. Winnny is one of a number of anabolic steroids that are used by bodybuilders to cut body fat on cutting cycles – over the last few decades it has gained popularity with women who want to lose weight. This article covers all aspects of Winstrol for women – how to use, correct dosage, side effects and where to obtain or buy legal Winstrol.

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Winsol is a hybrid legal Winstrol brand made by US supplement specialist, Crazy Bulk. The trend nowadays is seeing the move away from anabolic steroids (that were formulated in the 1950’s) to the new hybrid supplements. 
Winsol is ideal for weight loss and ideal for women in particular. Some of the anabolic steroids are not suitable for female use (virilization etc) – Winstrol (the steroid) is one the safer steroids – Winsol (the legal alternative) is safer still – much, much safer.
Winsol can also be stacked with other hybrid steroids to accelerate weight loss even further. Combining with Anvarol (Anavar) and Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol) can take your weight loss and fat loss to the next levels.
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The legal Winstrol brand, Winsol has been responsible for countless women losing weight, shredding excess body fat and enhancing their physique.
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Winstrol is an anabolic steroid that’s used for performance enhancement, improving muscle growth and fat burning. Many bodybuilders use it during their cutting cycles, more often than not combined with other fat-burning steroids. 
Bodybuilders will use androgenic anabolic steroids for lean mass and lean muscle gains. We have an article on Winstrol for bodybuilding and cutting fat here
Most steroids present women with serious risks of virilization. Although Winstrol can also cause women to develop masculine traits, when taken in sensible doses, it’s not one of the worst steroids for making women look and sound like men.
Due to its ability to accelerate metabolism and fat loss, Winstrol also catches the attention of women who are trying to lose weight. However, although women can use Winstrol for weight loss, it’s a more risky option than regular over the counter (OTC) diet pills and fat-burning supplements.
In common with other anabolic steroids, Winstrol can damage the liver. It also presents other dangers that make using Winstrol for weight loss a chancy pursuit.
Due to the risks of side effects and organ harm, it’s only possible to use Winstrol in short cycles. Because Winstrol suppresses testosterone (yep! women need it too), each cycle needs to be followed by a follow-up treatment called a post-cycle therapy, or “PCT.” The drugs required for this present side effects of their own and buying them entails additional expenses women using OTC diet pills do not have.
The other problem is using Winstrol for burning fat is illegal. That means the average woman who wants to get slimmer will not be able to obtain it. There will probably be similar problems sourcing the drugs for the PCT treatment. Using a legal alternative is much easier than using Winstrol to burn fat.
Nevertheless, some women see Winstrol as a magic weight loss pill and are keen to try it. We advise against going this route but everyone has the right to choose for themselves. This article provides the pros and cons of using Winstrol for weight loss so that women who decide to do so have a good idea of what to expect.
Before we dig deep and look at the way Winstrol works, along with the likely results and side effects, we’d like to present you with the best safe and effective alternative. It’s called Winsol and it’s made by the Crazy Bulk supplement company.
When it comes to creating powerful natural alternatives to steroids, Crazy Bulk is the name to beat. It has developed potent substitutes for all the most popular bodybuilding drugs and many countless former steroid users are quick to say these legal steroids work just like the “real thing.”
Crazy Bulk’s Winstrol alternative is more than a fat burner. It does everything else the steroid does as well including enhancing physical performance and improving muscle mass and strength.
Winsol is a great option for women who want to see their weight loss results speed up as if they were on steroids without having to break the law or contend with nasty side effects.
Women who want to lose weight with Winsol need to take three capsules per day. Although it’s best to use this supplement in cycles of 8 weeks on followed by 1.5 weeks off, it has no side effects and does not require a PCT.
Instead of providing a drug that is hard on the liver, Crazy Bulk’s Winstrol alternative harnesses the fat-burning abilities of natural ingredients such as choline and safflower oil.
Choline is an essential nutrient. You can get it from spinach but Winsol provides choline in concentrated form.
Research is highly supportive of using choline supplements for burning excess body fat and the results of one study show how well it works for women. The female martial artists who took part experienced rapid weight loss without any side effects at all. [1]
Another safe and natural ingredient, safflower oil has been shown to deliver significant reductions in abdominal fat and waist circumference. [2]
Working alongside several other potent natural ingredients, choline and safflower oil make it possible for Winsol to provide Winstrol-like fat reduction without the risk of side effects or organ harm.
Safe and effective, Winsol offers excellent value for money and has a 60-day money-back guarantee. Crazy Bulk offers regular on-site discounts and customers who order two bottles of Winsol get a third bottle free.
Winstrol provides a steroid called Stanozolol. The same steroid has been distributed under many other brand names including Anaysynth, Menabol, Stargate, and Winstrol-V. A lot of Winstrol brands were intended to be used as veterinary medications.
Stanozolol is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivative that became available in 1962 but was withdrawn from the market in 2010. It’s presently classed as Schedule III controlled substance so using Winstrol for body weight reduction or to change body composition is illegal.
It’s also worth noting Winstrol is a diuretic. So, although it can speed up fat loss when used alongside diet and exercise, the weight loss Winstrol users see on their scales can be deceptive.
Weight losses that are due to less water in the body will reverse rapidly when the steroid treatment ceases.
Female bodybuilders who are thinking of using Winsol for cutting also need to be aware doing so may result in competition bans. It was actually the first drug to receive a ban from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF).
These bans occurred in 1974. Pre-competition drug testing has become far more superior since then.
Stanozolol is also famous for being the drug that caused the Canadian sprinter Ben Jonson to lose his gold medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.
Women who are only interested in using Winstrol as a diet pill will not need to fear drug testing.
Although some women use Winstrol steroids as a diet pill, it offers greater value to athletic ladies who are cutting.
The main Winstrol benefits are:
Enhances physical performance
Increases strength
Supports fat loss without loss of muscle mass
Improves muscle definition and vascularity
Although men generally use more powerful steroids instead, Winstrol is often considered to be one of the best options for women who want to improve their muscle mass. Many women use it during their “bulking” cycles.
However, rather than take side-steps that take us off-topic, we are going to continue to focus on the weight loss benefits Winstrol provides to women.
Women who use Winstrol can achieve rapid weight loss. However, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that some of the weight reduction will be due to loss of water, not decreases in stubborn fat.
The scales can be equally deceptive for female bodybuilders who are cutting because the decreases in body fat may be accompanied by modest muscle gains.
Nevertheless, women who use Winstrol alongside suitable efforts with diet and exercise often lose 3 lbs or more per week.
Although there is an injectable version, most women who use this steroid for burning fat take Winstrol pills.
Winstrol pills are usually distributed as 5 mg tablets, but women who use this steroid generally need to cut the tablets in half to meet the dosage requirements.
To help reduce the risk of virilization and side effects, women using Winstrol tablets for losing weight should take no more than 5 mg per day. However, this will need to be two (2.5 mg) doses⸺hence the need to cut the tablets in half.
The half-life of Winstrol is only nine hours. That’s how long it remains active. Doses need to be timed with this in mind.
It’s best not to take Winstrol with food as this can interfere with absorption and may hinder the steroid’s ability to support increases in fat loss.
The maximum Winstrol cycle for women is 8 weeks. As with increasing the dose, longer cycles will also increase the dangers. Remember, Winsol is an anabolic steroid, not a diet pill. Although it can speed up weight loss, there are always risks involved. Crazy Bulk Winsol is a much safer alternative.
Winny can be stacked with other steroids to accelerate results. Anavar and Clenbuterol are the two common stacking combinations for female bodybuilders.
Although injectable steroids are hard on the liver, oral steroids are generally even worse. Winsol is no exception.
Oral steroids need to be modified to stop the liver from destroying them. We are not going to delve into this too deeply but this is achieved by adding an alkyl group at the C17α position.
Due to this modification, oral steroids are often referred to as 17 alpha-alkylated anabolic-androgenic steroids.
The change forces the liver to do something it would not normally do. That’s why oral steroids present an increased risk of hepatotoxicity (liver injury). [3]
Winstrol can also increase cholesterol. This can, of course, lead to cardiovascular issues such as atherosclerosis. This may present extra dangers to menopausal and postmenopausal women because the changes in their hormones can make them extra susceptible to problems with cholesterol. Women experiencing symptoms of menopause would gain more benefit using a good probiotic supplement
In addition to increasing levels of the bad type of cholesterol (LDL), Winsol can also reduce the good type (HDL), which would normally provide damage limitation.
Winsol usage is also associated with several other side effects.
These may include:
Greasy skin
Anxiety and stress
Low libido
Joint pain
Premature balding
Liver toxicity
Excess body hair
Just because these side effects can happen, it doesn’t mean that they will happen. Some women who use Winstrol may experience little or no side effects. Others may experience more.
However, dangers such as high cholesterol and liver damage are not so easy to discern. Women who are using Winstrol may not be aware of these responses to the drug until it has caused significant harm. 
If you are female and decide you simply must use Winstrol to burn body fat and reduce weight, use birth control pills and low doses.
Female bodybuilders who want to use Winstrol for cutting may be able to find a supplier via contacts at their gym. Women who want to use the steroid for losing weight will find it much harder to obtain and, let’s not forget, it’s illegal to use this steroid as a weight loss or bodybuilding drug.
Bearing in mind the dangers and risks of side effects, you need to ask yourself if the benefits outweigh the risks before deciding to use Winstrol. There are safer ways to burn fat and lose weight. Crazy Bulk Winsol is one of them.
However, although the results would be a little slower coming without the supplement’s help, it’s also possible to lose weight just by making modifications to your diet and getting more exercise. These changes would enhance overall health and fitness as well.
Although we are happy to provide information about Winstrol and weight loss, we do not encourage anybody to try and enhance fat loss by using this or any other anabolic steroid.
We are going to end this article by providing a snapshot of the reasons why women may want to consider using Winstrol to accelerate their weight loss, along with the reasons they may want to choose a safer alternative instead.
However, it’s worth bearing in mind many of the results women get while using Winstrol are also due to the efforts they make with diet and exercise. The steroid does not do all the work.
A little safer than some of the alternative fat-burning steroids
Enhances performance
Improves protein synthesis and muscle growth
Enhances muscle definition
Improvements vascularity
Helps to maintain muscle mass while reducing body fat
Can provide significant results in four weeks or less
Illegal to use
May be hard to find a supplier
Places unnecessary strain on the liver
Can elevate cholesterol and cause other side effects
Requires a PCT
The results may not last long
Some of the weight lost may be water
1. Effect of Choline Supplementation on Rapid Weight Reduction and Biochemical Variables Among Female Taekwondo and Judo Athletes –
2. Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius L.) Oil Could Improve Abdominal Obesity, Blood Pressure, and Insulin Resistance in Patients With Metabolic Syndrome: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial:
3. Hepatic Effects of 17 Alpha-Alkylated Anaboli-Androgenic Steroids:
Winstrol for weight loss among women is very popular and very effective. It can also be very dangerous without proper use and knowledge. Using any anabolic steroid also comes with legal complications.
Hybrid steroid alternatives like Winsol offer all the positives (such as building muscle and cutting body fat) but without the negatives (side effects and legal issues.)
So, if you are female and considering using Winstrol to lose weight – use Winsol!
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