Is WB Discovery On The Bullet Train (Review) To Heck?

Is WB Discovery On The Bullet Train (Review) To Heck? Batgirl canceled and more | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast

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(00:00)- Intro
(06:05) – Andor trailer and Star Wars Visions sidebar
(18:04)- Sly Stallone’s comments on the movie “Drago”
(23:08)- The return of Batfleck (the Instagram incident)
(30:53)- Nichelle Nichols and a very special Trek fan
(36:45)- The Flash S9 will be the last season
(41:47) – More of the wild world of Ezra Miller
(48:45)- Batgirl Canceled
(52:40)- The unfortunate tendency of miscellaneous projects
(01:08:09) – DC’s Future Under WB Discovery
(01:20:00)- Spoiler-Free Bullet Train Review
(01:25:46)- SPOILERS for the bullet train
(01:43:17)- Final Thoughts

Jonesy (@sirjonesiest) and jammer (@JAMtheWriter) review Bullet Train and discuss the pessimism surrounding this week’s WB Discovery drama.

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In WB Discovery News, the couple discuss the sudden cancellation of the nearly over bat girl movie, as well as the very recent WB earnings call.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all bleak as Jammer and Jonesy discuss the new trailer for Andor and review High-speed train.

Question(s) of the day: What do you think of the DC 10-year plan and other news from the WB Discovery earnings call? Also, what did you think of Prey?

Thank you to everyone who has listened and commented over the years. We do it for you as much as for each other. We certainly wouldn’t be the premiere or flagship podcast without your support. Thanks.

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