“It will break the box-office”: After Prey Success, Fans Demand Bullet Train Star Hiroyuki Sanada To Lead Predator Prequel Set in Samurai Era

The Predator franchise hasn’t seen much success since its first installment, directed by John McTiernan, the story follows a group of polished marines led by Arnold Schwarzenegger Dutch as they are hunted down and killed by the Predator, one by one.

The Predator was first released in 1987.

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Most of these later films failed on many levels, but still found accolades, including Predator 2 and predators. But The Predator (2018)a soft reboot of the series was panned by critics and audiences alike, seemingly leaving the franchise on its last leg.

Prey saves the franchise

Released on August 5, the Predator prequel Prey gave the franchise a breath of fresh air. 300 years ago we see the Predator clash in the Comanche Nation versus a skilled warrior named Naru.

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Prey stars Amber Midthunder as Naru.

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Brimming with beautiful sound design and impressive shots, the franchise returns to the original film using atmosphere to build tension and hold our attention. The film saw the Comanches take on the alien hunter with their upgraded technology.

Predator versus Samurai?

After seeing how the beast can be transported to any era and make for a compelling movie, many are interested in seeing the alien land of medieval Japan. Considering how well known both sides are for being skilled in blades, they could make for an exciting showdown.

Louis Ozawa wanted his character Hanzo to fight using the Katana, as he knows the martial art, not Kung Fu.

Check out some of the tweets:

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While considering who should play the protagonist, many fans suggested Hiroyuki Sanada will be the next predator killer. He has already played the role of a ninja in mortal combat and a samurai in The last Samouraiso the actor has the chops to succeed.

Samurai and Easter Eggs in the Predator Movies

Samurai have technically already been teased in the movie predators, where we see Yakuza Enforcer Hanzo find an ancient Katana. Hanzo later uses the sword to duel the Falconer Predator in the film, before they both succumb to their wounds and die.

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Predator 2
Predator 2 saw the protagonist played by Donny Glover enter the alien spaceship, where the Easter egg was placed.

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Previously the Minor Xenomorph Skull Easter Egg in Predator 2 resulted in several Alien and Predator crossover comics and even 2 movies. So it’s no exaggeration to assume that a Predator in medieval Japan isn’t possible, the studio just needs some prompting.

Prey is now streaming on Hulu.

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