Joe Biden Demands Gas Stations Lower Prices: ‘Do It Now’

President Joe Biden on Wednesday demanded that gas stations start lowering prices, in his latest attempt to deal with record prices this summer.

“For companies that run gas stations and set these prices at the pumps, this is a time of war, a global peril, Ukraine,” he said.

The president spoke about record gasoline prices during his administration during a speech about his White House impersonation across the street.

“These are not normal times. Reduce the price you charge at the pump to reflect the cost you pay for the product,” Biden said. “Do it now. Do it today.”

Biden claimed that the price of oil fell slightly, but the price of gas did not.

“Some have not reduced their prices at all,” he complained.

Biden called on Congress to pass a federal gasoline tax exemption and urged states to do the same, noting it could help lower prices.

“I’m doing my part,” he said defensively. “I want Congress, the states, industry to do their part as well.”

Biden again tried to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for the high cost of gas, even though prices rose significantly before Russia invaded Ukraine.

The president argued that the high cost of gas was the price to pay to defend democracy in Ukraine.

“We could have turned a blind eye to Putin’s murderous ways and the price of gasoline wouldn’t have gone up the way it did. I believe that would have been a mistake. I believed then and believe now that the free world had no choice,” Biden says.

He appeared angered by Republicans blaming him and his administration’s policies for the high cost of gas, suggesting they didn’t care about Ukraine.

“Are you saying we’d rather have low gas prices in America than putin’s iron first in Europe?” He asked.

A recent survey showed that only 11% of Americans blame Putin for high gas prices, while 52% blame Biden.

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