Jonathan Knight Weighs in on Chances for New Kids on the Block and New Edition Joint Tour (Exclusive)

Jonathan Knight shows off his home improvement skills on farm repairman on HGTV, but he will always be revered as a member of New Kids on the Block. Along with Knight, the group consists of his brother Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood. From the late 80s to 1994, the band toured the world and were the ultimate boy band of their era, selling 80 million records worldwide. They continue to tour but all have their own successful ventures both musically and outside of the industry.

Last fall, the band competed against New Edition at the American Music Awards in the “Battle of Boston” segment. Both bands were founded by the same music producer, Maurice Starr, and achieved huge success. Although New Edition has had various iterations of the same group with subgroups BBD and RMRM, fans of New Kids on the Block remain devoted as well. After the show, requests for a joint tour reached an all-time high. Knight tells exclusively that’s still a possibility.

“We’ve been talking about it for years. I think it’s going to happen eventually. We did it with the Backstreet Boys, and I never thought we would have done this with them. We did the AMAs, and then we we’ve had BBD (Bell Biv DeVoe) on our shows in the past, most recently last fall they played with us at Fenway, and it was so awesome to play with them,” he told PopCulture during a recent chat promoting Season 2 of his HGTV series. “We both trained with the same producer, we’re from the same area of ​​Boston and we’ve had a lot of similar experiences, so yeah, that’s great. We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, he is busy with a few performances alongside his band members, while renovating houses in his hometown. Some viewers wonder how one boy band member got into home renovations, but he says it was a natural fit. The show airs every Wednesday.

“When I was a kid, my dad was an entrepreneur, so I would go work with him. At first I hated it, then I really grew to like it,” he explained. “So in 1994 when New Kids broke up, I kind of needed to reinvent myself and jumped into some flipping houses.”


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