JW Anderson fashion show features clothing made from computer keys

British fashion brand JW Anderson channeled a “parallel world of people trapped in their computers” for its Spring/Summer 2023 collection at London Fashion Week.

JW Anderson, the eponymous fashion house led by designer Jonathan Anderson, presented its Spring Summer 2023 collection on Saturday September 17 at the Las Vegas Arcade in London’s Soho.

The collection was presented in an arcade in Soho

The collection was a commentary on the human relationship with technology and consumerism and included a number of pieces that used materials and silhouettes in surreal ways.

The brand’s exhibit notes described the concept as: “A parallel world of people trapped in their computers, mingling with keyboards and screensavers, exploring other dimensions. Nature filtered through the digital ego, becoming a personal guarantee. The arcade, after all, is not just for gamers.”

A top made from computer keys wanders between arcade machines at JW Anderson Spring Summer 2023
It was a commentary on a world trapped in technology

Giant computer keys adorned and interrupted deliberately crumpled, mass-colored dresses that paraded between arcade cabinets.

One room featured hundreds of computer keys from the now obsolete off-white desktop computers of the early 2000s, which were lined up in horizontal rows to form a halter top.

Image of a bag-shaped dress at JW Anderson Spring Summer 2023
Silhouettes, prints, materials and shapes looked surreal

Throughout the show, the proportions were oversized. A dress shaped like a plastic bag was tied at the shoulder and printed with an image of a child looking through a bag full of water holding a goldfish.

“Proportions that go mega, degrading technology shimmers and shines,” JW Anderson said of the pieces.

“Objects trapped in clothing and these screensavers that land on the body, on bags and accessories: this is what happens in game rooms”, continues the brand.

“The message is one of realism – for all that real can mean today – delivered with a reductionist language that gives each piece the status of a stark statement.”

An orange sweater was worn inside out at JW Anderson Spring Summer 2023
It took place during London Fashion Week

While some pieces symbolized people absorbed in technology, others referred to actual hobbies.

A string hammock was worn as a dress, while images of palm-lined beaches – similar to those often used for screensavers – decorated jumpsuits and accessories.

“Leisure is important, so a hammock becomes a dress while sweaters and t-shirts hang on clothes hangers,” the fashion label said.

A hammock has been reinterpreted as a dress
The show incorporated everyday objects as clothing

Much like JW Anderson’s Spring/Summer 2023 menswear collection where the designer hung bike handles from bodies, hangers have been reinterpreted as necklines for sweaters hung upside down.

During Loewe’s Spring/Summer 2023 menswear show, also led by Jonathan Anderson, the Spanish fashion house sprouted plants from soggy clothes.

Photography courtesy of JW Anderson.

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