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To celebrate 90 years of LEGO, your favorite brick-building company has released iconic themed sets bigger than ever. We’re talking about a remake of the original Galaxy Explorer spaceship from 1979 and a massive 4,514-room medieval castle.

The two new LEGO sets go straight for nostalgia, offering designs fans will love. They are part of the popular LEGO Icons range and are sure to be a hit on your LEGO shelf. First, the Galaxy Explorer Remake, then we will share some details about the lion knight castle.

LEGO Galaxy Explorer Spaceship

The former is a fan favorite, and of course we’re talking about the Galaxy Explorer spaceship. The iconic Galaxy Explorer set from 1979 is back and bigger than ever. In fact, it’s almost twice the size of the original, measuring 20.5 inches long, 12.5 inches wide, and about 5 inches tall. I don’t know about you, but it’s the perfect size for my display case.

As expected, the new LEGO Galaxy Explorer comes with four astronaut minifigures, the 4-wheeled support rover and all sorts of other nostalgic pieces. Each astronaut can fit inside the spaceship’s cockpit, or you can grab one in the back and find a tool compartment in the back of the ship.

While there are four seats for the four astronauts, you’ll also find living quarters with two beds, a computer, storage bins and more for the entire crew. Obviously, they will need to sleep as they wander through space. The ship sits on three retractable landing legs and, like most recent LEGO sets, has opening doors, rear hatch, retractable ramp for the rover, and more.

The bigger, better, and nostalgic Galaxy Explorer has 1,246 bricks and should make any fan happy when it hits shelves for $99 starting August 1. Grab yours from the link below.

The LEGO Lion Knights Castle

As any LEGO fan knows, castle builds are some of the best and most satisfying. Unfortunately, LEGO hasn’t released a fantasy castle in a long time, but that’s about to change. The all-new LEGO Lion Knights Castle has 4,514 pieces while combining various castle themes that we all loved from yesteryear.

Building the LEGO Lion Knights Castle

Not only will you spend hours crafting this giant castle inspired by the constructions of yesteryear, but you can also enjoy 22 minifigures. We’re talking about a king, queen, wizard, archers, castle dwellers, and a whole bunch of mini figures to put around the castle, like in the town market.

As you build this epic castle, you’ll notice all sorts of secret hiding places for the forest dwellers, dungeons for the city’s drunks, and special passageways behind trapdoors like any good medieval castle. We also love that LEGO has made the castle drawbridge, portcullis, watermill wheels, and more all movable.

So raise that drawbridge, let the horses and ox in, and put archers on all the pillars to keep everyone safe. This intricate new castle measures over 14” high, 17” wide and 12” deep when closed, and it’s even bigger once you open it all up.

The new LEGO Lion Knights castle will be available starting August 8 for $399 from the link below.

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