Low-Sugar Tequila Seltzers : Tequila Zarpado

Tequila Zarpado has announced the launch of its new line of canned RTD cocktails. The line will debut with the release of two drink variants: “Zarpado Tequila Lime Soda” and “Zarpado Margarita”. Both cocktails are made with organic ingredients and feature simple yet delicious blends suitable for summer sipping.

Both offerings are made with Tequila Blanco from Tequila Zarpado, natural ingredients and real fruit. Additionally, they contain no added sugar and therefore offer a crunchy and refreshing taste without being overly sweet.

“Many canned margaritas are too sweet and full of added sugar. When we created Zarpado Margarita and Zarpado Tequila Lime Soda, we let quality, simple, all-natural ingredients shine. Drinkers will love how light and refreshing they are compared to other options on the shelves,” said Terry Lozoff, director of spirits at Tequila Zarpado.

Image credit: Tequila Zarpado


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