Minority Business Circle, an online business marketplace for minority small business owners, has launched subscription services

Minority business circle

“Minority Business Circle is the market I needed to start my business. Even as a business psychologist, it wasn’t until after school that I learned how to start and fund my businesses.” – Dr. Amera McCoy, Founder and CEO

Corporate psychologist and entrepreneur Dr. Amera McCoy has announced her new business for minority small business owners which she is adding to her current business portfolio. The tech marketplace is called Minority Business Circle, and Dr. McCoy is both the founder and CEO. Dr. McCoy’s passion for small business owners stems from his experiences with business ownership. “Every business I have has a story of how this almost didn’t happen; it’s the resources I had access to when starting these businesses that I wish everyone knew about .” In addition to the Minority Business Circle, Dr. McCoy owns a laundromat, dry cleaner, and business consulting firm.

“I wanted to find a way to help more people start and run businesses affordably. Getting an idea off the ground is strongly tied to the ability to raise capital and meet the right connections. board, I have been bridging this gap with coaching but limited to the number of people I can serve directly Minority Business Circle is a platform where I can transfer all the knowledge, resources, advice and tips that other owners business and I have learned over the years – Founder/Owner Dr. Amera McCoy

Characteristics of the minority business circle:

  • Connections: access to peers, mentors and potential partners
  • Course: Curated Topics for Business Owners
  • Coaches: various areas of interest, from strategy to health and fitness
  • Capital: search among our capital partners and request funds

Minority Business Circle– is an online business marketplace that offers courses, coaches, connections, and capital resources to minority business owners. Based in Chicago, IL. https://www.minoritybusinesscircle.com

For questions regarding the Minority Business Circle and partnership and sponsorship opportunities, contact: Dr. Amera McCoy, Founder/CEO



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