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Lexington College Minutemen Football
Photo by: Phil Blakley / The Lexington Progress

Article by Blake Franklin –

The Minutemen football team from Lexington Middle School hosted South Gibson at Minutemen Field last Thursday night, July 28, 2022. The Minutemen were chomping at the chance to show off the hard work that had been put into practice since the period was lifted dead. The stands were packed as the two teams went back and forth against each other in an attempt to gain an advantage over their opponent. This scrimmage game for the Minutemen was a way to bring their team together even more and prepare them for the upcoming season.

By being able to prepare for the scrimmage against South Gibson, Lexington Middle School was able to have a great spring practice that helped propel the Minutemen and quickly move the team into their summer practices. LMS is now tweaking offensive and defensive game plans and trying to place players in the best places for them to be successful throughout the season.

The coaching staff knew South Gibson would be a very disciplined team, especially on defense. “We focused on keeping the ball safe and blocking until the whistle,” Minutemen head coach Brad Wallace said. “It was tough to move the ball against them, but Cameron Smith was able to score on a long touchdown run for us,” Wallace said.

As for the Minutemen’s defensive unit, it was nothing but excellent play by this team in the scrimmage game. South Gibson was big and aggressive up front along the offensive line, but the LMS defense held on and…

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