Ms. Marvel’s New Origins Are Linked To This Obscure Comic Book Group

It turns out that Kamala isn’t related to the Inhumans at all, but instead has ties to an even more obscure Marvel Comics group: Clan Destine. Until now, it was a bit unclear if Kamala’s powers came from her great-grandmother’s mysterious bracelet or if the inheritance simply brought out her own latent abilities. A flashback to 1942 reveals Kamran’s mother, Najma, Kamala’s great-grandmother, Aisha, and others searching for two bracelets, which they need to return home.

As Najma explains to Kamala these days, they are known as Clandestines, though they really are Djinn. They were exiled from their own dimension and trapped in it for a time. Kamala is one of them, and apparently they all possess similar light-based powers, though they can’t fully access them outside of the Noor dimension they once called home. The bracelet helps Kamala channel these abilities, though the fact that she was born in this dimension could also be a factor. Najma and her companion Djinn desperately want to return home and hope for help from Kamala. There’s only one problem: sending them back to their own dimension could have a catastrophic impact on his.

Some fans might be disappointed to learn that Kamala isn’t an Inhuman, but there could still be a Kree connection, given that the severed hand discovered wearing the bracelet in the flashback was blue. In some mythologies, the Djinns have blue skin, but so do the Kree. Only time will tell, but a tie would make sense due to Carol Danvers’ Kree history and the fact that Kamala has already been confirmed to appear in the “Captain Marvel” sequel.

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