Naturally Sweetened Margarita Mixers : new Jordan’s Skinny Mixes

These new lean mixes from Jordan were unveiled by the brand as a series of options consumers can choose from this summer when looking to enjoy a high-end cocktail in a low-calorie way.

The blenders are each designed with different margarita variations in mind to provide consumers with a way to whip up one or an entire batch. Mixers include the Classic Margarita, Spicy Margarita, Peach Margarita, and Strawberry Lime Margarita. Each of the blenders is made with real lime juice and agave for extra smoothness, and contains 75% fewer calories and 75% less sugar than alternatives.

Founder and President Jordan Engelhardt spoke about Jordan’s new Skinny Mixes saying, “Just as Skinny Mixes started by seeing what was missing in the market, we heard our loyal consumers asking for more all-natural products. Our four new margarita mixers are so delicious and will absolutely be the must-have at every event this summer.


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