Office-Ready Slump Snacks : 2pm 2-pack

The Kraft Heinz Colliders 2pm 2-Pack is designed to combat the dips in the body’s natural circadian rhythm that occur between 2pm and 5pm. The pack makes the perfect office snack and can be shared with a colleague. In addition to the innovative snack, the product comes with a tracker to ensure that the snack is not disturbed by others until it is time to snack.

The snack to share aims to give workers a little respite as people return to the office full-time or in a hybrid structure. Additionally, those interested in receiving a one-week supply of the 2 PM 2-Pack can apply through the Colliders 2 PM 2-Pack website. Winners will be randomly selected and will receive a variety of 5 x 2 hour packs.

Image credit: Kraft Heinz


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