Parent Slammed for Branding Sixth Grade Teacher ‘Dumb’ Over Book Assignment

A parent has been lambasted online after calling a teacher ‘stupid’ for not allowing her daughter to do an assignment on a graphic novel.

In a viral post shared on Reddit’s infamous AmITheA**hole page, user YouShouldReadIt1 explained that his daughter did a book assignment on the graphic novel. watchmen.

watchmenby British author Alan Moore, was critically acclaimed when it was released in the 1980s and includes murder scenes and rape references.

The Reddit user said the teacher’s email stated that children should report on books over 75 pages.

Image of a girl giving a tablet. A parent has been lambasted online after calling a teacher ‘stupid’ for not allowing her daughter to do an assignment on a graphic novel.

As a result, the parent’s daughter chose watchmen like his book and handed in a report but was told to do it again.

In Tuesday’s post, the user said, “My daughter wanted to do her Watchmen report. It’s her favorite book. I haven’t seen any issues with hers. Book reports had to be emailed. mail before August 1st so that they can be returned to the children on the first day of school as their first year.

“I received an email this morning saying my daughter had to redo her report because a graphic novel is not a book.”

The Reddit user continued, “I replied that a graphic novel is a book and if there is a rule against novels that should be stated in the instructions. The teacher said it was obvious.

“We went back and forth a couple of times, so I just forwarded the emails with the initial assignment attached to the principal and told him to assign my daughter a teacher who can read the instructions, because this one clearly cannot.

“I told my wife about it and she’s mad at me. She said I should have tried to handle things more diplomatically and I’m making us look bad to the principal.

“My argument is that if this teacher is too stupid to read her own homework, why is that our daughter’s problem.”

Since the post was shared, it has garnered more than 6,700 upvotes and some 1,500 comments.

Many who commented on the post trolled the Reddit user and said he acted out of place when he called the teacher “stupid.”

Several reacted strongly in their responses, as teachers are among the most respected professionals in the country.

A 2022 study by career website Zety found that of more than 1,000 people surveyed, 82% viewed the profession with high or very high respect.

A Reddit user, whose comment has been upvoted over 11,300 times, wrote: “It better be a troll. Watchmen is in no way appropriate for a 6th grader. It has way too many adult themes.

“Graphic novels are not the same as books when it comes to word count, descriptive language, and vocabulary. So much is represented as pictures rather than words.

“And freaking out about it is so immature. You act like you’re the one starting 6th grade, not your daughter.”

Another added: “I was reading Anne Rice when I was 10. I did a book report on Interview With The Vampire when I was 12. OP [original poster] is always TA [the a**hole]. Fuck them for calling the teacher an idiot.”

While a third commented: “I was reading well above my level at 8 too. My parents even encouraged it. I would be more pissed [that] the teacher gave them homework before the year even started, but that still doesn’t give OP the right to treat the teacher like that. OP YTA [you’re the a**hole].”

Newsweek could not contact YouShouldReadIt1 for comment as the post has now been deleted and the account has been suspended.

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