Plant-Based Entrée Bowls : plant based entree

Enjoying convenient meals that are project-verified non-GMO, vegan, and powered by wholesome ingredients is easy with new plant-based bowls from Sweet Earth Foods. The new pair of products to be introduced (Korean BBQ-Style Chik’n and Cacio e Pepe) are powered by vegetarian ingredients and each serving shares up to 16 grams of protein and up to seven grams of fiber.

While the BBQ-style entrée with a meatless chicken alternative meets Korea’s demand for flavors, the Cacio e Pepe Entree Bowl is another globally inspired option that spans chickpea pasta and vegetables. with Vegan Parmesan-Style Cheese and Cashew-Based Black Pepper Sauce.

These meatless appetizers align with recent studies which show that “consumption of Cacio e Pepe has increased by more than 35%, while Korean BBQ is one of the top Korean dishes consumed in the United States.”


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