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Crawl Bars is gearing up to become the latest and one of the most exciting entrants into the burgeoning insect protein space with the advent of its cricket bars, which cater to outdoor adventurers, explorers and extreme athletes looking for more nutritious and less damaging alternatives for the environment. to conventional protein and granola snacks.

These cricket protein bars, which are expected to come in blueberry, almond, and chocolate peanut varieties to begin with, are made with ground crickets, which have slowly crept into the public consciousness as a healthy and acceptable source of protein. In fact, crickets are considered a nutritional powerhouse due to the fact that they contain comparable amounts of omega-3s to salmon and completely knock spinach out of the park when it comes to iron content. As a complete protein, cricket protein contains all nine essential amino acids. With 9g and 11g of protein per bar respectively, the Blueberry, Almond, and Chocolate Peanut Crawl Bars deliver a healthy dose of protein in the form of a bar whose flavor and texture belie the presence of their ingredient. major.

Additionally, consuming Crawl Bars can also be a way for you to make your small but significant contribution to a healthier planet. Cricket farming is known to produce a tiny fraction of the amount of methane per pound of protein compared to livestock, and has been endorsed by the UN and leading food scientists as a promising new source of nutrition. Crickets also use a barely noticeable percentage of soil and water per pound of protein compared to cows.

While Crawl Bars promise serious bodily benefits as well as a sustainability-conscious ethic, the startup is also building a brand based on adventure and fun, led by its charming mascot “Chipper” the cricket. With plans to sponsor athletes in a range of adventure and outdoor sports, Crawl Bars is bravely hoping to carve out a niche as the protein bar of choice for people who need fuel for their adventures.

Crawl Bars are currently available for pre-order, with $20 getting you a six-pack of your chosen flavor.

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