Pyroraptors Was Hardest Dino to Create – The Hollywood Reporter

For Colin Trevorrow, closing the jurassic world The franchise was a balancing act that combined two generations of cast while encapsulating decades of storytelling. The filmmaker and his team were also responsible for 27 different dinosaurs, 10 of which had never been in a Jurassic film in the past. Among them all, one stood out as the most difficult to pass.

“The Pyroraptors were really tough and were the ones that took the longest to develop, because we didn’t really have a base for it,” Trevorrow said on this week’s episode of THRit is Behind the screen podcast. “We needed to understand how feathers reacted to wind, freezing water and all these other elements.”

To get it right, the team collected feathers from around the world and built an animatronic to experiment with how light would play on its feathers.

The director also talked about the return of Dilophosaurus, the species that caused the death of Wayne Knight’s Dennis Nedry and which audiences haven’t seen since the original. jurassic park. “I was very reserved with that one…having only seen it as an animatronic and never digitally animated,” Trevorrow admitted. “So we didn’t have a digital model. We only used animatronics.

“We were limited in what he could do, but I think the limits of what animatronics can do is part of what makes this character scary,” he said, noting, “he looks at you just from a fixed place. And then suddenly it’s right in front of you. When it’s there, it’s horribly nasty.

You can listen to the full podcast below.

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