Queen’s funeral latest news: King Charles ‘to have slimmed-down coronation’ amid cost-of-living crisis

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin carried from Westminster Hall ahead of state funeral

King Charles III is said to have planned a “cheaper” coronation ceremony than his mother’s as he wants to avoid extravagance as ordinary people grapple with the cost of living crisis.

A date has yet to be set for the coronation of the new monarch, although royal precedent and a large amount of planning mean the ceremony will be at least several months away – possibly next spring.

Charles’ coronation “will be shorter, smaller and less expensive” than the Queen’s in 1953, a royal source has told the DailyMirror.

The source told the newspaper: ‘The King is keenly aware of the struggles felt by modern Britons so he will see his wishes come true, while his coronation ceremony must remain true to longstanding traditions of the past, it must also be representative. of a monarchy in a modern world.

Meanwhile, the Queen’s name was inscribed alongside those of her mother, father and Prince Philip on a register stone in Windsor Chapel where she was buried on Monday evening.


Analysis | The Queen’s funeral brought the world together in a remarkable display of British soft power

Our main political commentator John Rentoul writes that the Queen’s funeral “brought together world leaders in a way few events do”, describing it as “a UN of shared thought”.

He wrote: “It was a show that didn’t put Britain on the world stage; it was a spectacle for which Britain was the world stage, a demonstration of the soft power of British ceremony and history. The English language and the Christian religion do not unite everyone, but they are inclusive enough to bring together billions of viewers.

“World leaders were equalized by the occasion and the logistics of their bus rides. The hierarchy persisted, of course. The President of the United States was allowed to come in his own car, asserting the rights of the sole superpower. Sinful leaders were not invited – Afghanistan, Belarus, Myanmar, Russia, Syria and Venezuela were not on the list, with Iran, Nicaragua and North Korea in the list. disapproval zone (ambassadors only) and China in a separate twilight category.

You can read his full analysis with Independent Premium:


‘Massive operation’ to clean up central London during funeral

Dozens of staff have been deployed for a clean-up operation to return the streets of central London to normal just hours after the end of the Queen’s funeral.

Westminster City Council and waste management partner Veolia said they had sent additional clean-up crews to the city center in recent days as part of a ‘huge operation’ to ensure it remained clean as crowds flocked to the capital for the Queen’s lie and her funeral. .

Vehicles were dressed in black ribbons and council workers wore black bows while on duty as a sign of respect. Once the funeral was over and the guests had left, teams were dispatched to areas that had been the focus of the funeral and the Queen’s final procession out of London.

Starting in Parliament Square, more than 150 people and 19 vehicles split into 11 teams to help clean up litter and remove sand to prepare the roads for reopening. The clean-up operation began at 2.45pm and ended at 5pm, the council said.


King Charles pictured en route to Scotland

King Charles flew to Scotland to mourn his mother, returning to the same airport his siblings and children rushed to just 12 days ago after learning of the Queen’s poor health.

Footage taken in England showed the King sitting in the back of a car with a man believed to be a close protection officer, while his wife Camilla, the Queen Consort, sat in the front passenger seat.

The couple landed at Aberdeen International Airport at 12:04 p.m., according to Flight Radar, where they will likely be driven for an hour to the Balmoral Estate.

My colleague Chiara Giordano has more details here:


Voice | When all eyes were supposed to be on the Queen, most were on Meghan Markle

“If Queen Elizabeth’s funeral is ever to be a source of British pride, then let the public treatment of Meghan Markle be our shame.”

The IndependentVoices editor Victoria Richards gives her verdict on the ‘savage outpouring of vitriol directed at Meghan’ in recent days:


Brazil’s Bolsonaro comments on petrol prices as he visits the UK for the Queen’s funeral

Brazilian far-right President Jair Bolonsaro has commented on British petrol prices during his visit to London for the Queen’s funeral.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro surprised by ‘double’ UK petrol prices

Standing in the forecourt of a Shell station in London, he pointed to the electronic sign displaying the price of petrol, my colleague Oliver Browning reports.

Mr Bolsonaro claimed the cost of 161.9 pence per liter was ‘virtually double the average for many Brazilian states’ and boasted that petrol in his country was ‘among the cheapest in the world’.


New photo of the royal family

Buckingham Palace has shared a poignant photograph of the Royal Family taken 75 years ago, in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen was just 21 when the image was taken, Emily Atkinson reports:


No plans yet for King Charles III coronation, minister says

No plans have yet been made for the coronation of King Charles III, a minister has said.

He was asked if the ceremony should be scaled back given the cost of living crisis facing millions of Britons.


King Charles returns to Balmoral Castle

King Charles was driven past Ballater – the neighboring village of Balmoral Castle – shortly after 1.30pm, the Aberdeen-based reports Press and Journal newspaper.

Tracking data on the Flightradar24 website showed a plane departed RAF Northolt in London this morning and landed at Aberdeen Airport just after midday.

Ballater is a 15-minute drive from Balmoral, said to have been the late Queen’s favorite spot.


How will the Royal Family change after the Queen’s death?

How will the royal family change after the death of Queen Elizabeth II?


Scotland confirm one minute applause for Queen ahead of Ukraine game

The Scottish Football Association has confirmed that a minute of applause will be held in tribute to the Queen ahead of Wednesday’s game against Ukraine.

It follows a weekend of Scottish Premiership tribute disruption, with the SFA opting to hold a minute of applause in Hampden rather than a period of silence following unrest ahead of games at Ibrox and Easter Road.

My colleague Jamie Braidwood has more details here:

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