Rauw Alejandro Fake Death is Trending — So, We Got Answers

There are always celebrity rumors that we tend to brush off, but some will way too far. Such is the recent rumor regarding the presumed death of Rauw Alejandro which started circulating since the beginning of the month.

Example: If you Google the musical artist’s name, the third “People also ask” suggestion is currently “Is Rauw Alejandro dead?” If you see his Wikipedia, his death listed is August 1, 2022. On top of that, if you write his name on TikTok’s search bar, the first two suggestions read “rumor of death” and “muerto.” Rumors or “jokes” involving death in 2022? It’s sick, to say the least.

Now, Rauw isn’t currently on social media to quell the rumors – but we’ve reached out to his camp to clear up the morbid situation. He is not dead. Rauw’s camp has confirmed that they are currently focused on recording new music. Twitter users were also quick to speculate that Rauw was doing this as a publicity stunt, which the camp denied. This death rumor is not part of a marketing plot.

As you may know, latest instagram post he did was July 31 with the caption, “Take care of yourself. I love you very much, thank you for the love always, see you soon.” The video shows him getting into a car and chatting with his colleagues about his future plans to hang out and then go to the studio. The video then shows him to peel off what appears to be his skin, discover his alien form, and go into space.

It’s not unusual for artists to take down social media to start a new musical era. In the old days, we wrote on a now deleted tweet he wrote teasing the release of his upcoming album. With Rauw Alejandro’s now non-existent Twitter and almost clean Instagram, maybe he’s doing the same thing.

But death rumors to promote a new musical release? Let’s put that idea aside because it looks like Rauw Alejandro doesn’t intend to go that far, according to his officials.

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