Recyclable Noodle Pot Packaging : recyclable noodle pot

This new Kabuto recyclable noodle pot is launched by the brand in the UK to offer a more sustainable version of its existing packaging design. The noodle pot features a 100% recyclable profile achieved with a mix of cardboard and plastic to facilitate its disposal through municipal programs. The updated packaging is part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to reducing its packaging and making it more recyclable.

Founder Crispin Busk spoke about the new Kabuto recyclable noodle pot saying, “The pots help us be more responsible in terms of plastic use. Less plastic means less negative environmental impact. Our noodles are all made with natural ingredients. environment that helps us achieve this goal. Our position has always been: “Be ethical, be honest”. We believe our end consumers are on the journey with us, and many share our values.”


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