Residents speak out after Greenville Co. GOP social media post on library books

GREENVILLE COUNTY, South Carolina (WSPA) – The Greenville County Republican Party is getting a lot of attention over a social media post calling for the removal of some sex graphic books from the children’s section of the library system of Greenville County.

More than 20 people stood before members of the Greenville County Council, expressing their concerns over the matter.

“Today I speak on behalf of people who can’t speak for themselves, who have been silenced. Those who haven’t come out yet. The idea of ​​moving books off the shelves is wrong,” said said Dr. Carmela Epright “It is our responsibility to keep these books on the shelves.”

“If someone wants to delete these books, the result is that the identities are erased. And when identities are erased, then people themselves start to feel erased, which can lead to suicide,” said resident David Wood.

Susan Ward lost her youngest child to suicide in 2017.

“My husband and I lost our youngest child to suicide in 2017, which is a tragedy that I hope no other parent will ever experience,” Ward said. “You may know that members of the LGBTQ community are at higher risk for suicide.”

“What does this have to do with the books in the library?” This marginalized group is consistently at significantly increased risk of suicide due to how they are mistreated and stigmatized in society,” Ward said. “Restricting access to books featuring LGBTQ youth, youth, or families increases the isolation and stigmatization of these members.”

The Greenville County GOP sent the following message to 7NEWS:

Greenville County GOP Facebook Page

“No one here is asking to ban anything, quite the contrary. These books may be important for certain families in specific situations, and for this reason they should be available in the adult section of the library.

The Greenville County GOP

Greenville GOP leaders also said this topic shouldn’t be a partisan issue. They said, “we should all agree on parental consent.”

“We don’t want to ban books. Just believe that parents should be the ones to decide whether their children should be exposed to certain topics at a given age,” the party said.

“I’m here today to talk about not booking these bans,” said a first-grader. “So if you don’t like a book, you don’t have to read it. The library has many more books to choose from. Don’t just tell people not to read this, it’s not good, because other people might like it.

Councilman Joe Dill, who supports the Republican Party, said he understands both sides.

“I don’t think anyone hates people because of their sexual preference, but that’s the sin that goes with it and that the Bible speaks strongly against — that’s the problem,” Dill said.

Other council members said it was not brought to the full council.

“Nothing has been introduced at all. Don’t take anything you read in the papers at face value,” Councilman Ennis Fant said. not very far,” he said. “We can’t make binding resolutions on the library anyway.”

Greenville County Republican Party leaders said they had not heard of Thursday night’s public comment meeting. They said if they had known, they would have been there.

Dill told 7NEWS he doesn’t know if it will be a resolution or not. He said he had the county legal team look into the matter. He said he didn’t even know if this matter would come before the council.


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