Shaded Sports Complexes : Cañales sports complex

The Cañales Sports Complex and Skate Park is a brand new facility located in the city of Cárdenas, a Cuban municipality in the southern state of Tabasco. The building was designed and built by the Mexican studio Quintanilla Arquitectos.

The objective of this project was to increase the availability of facilities dedicated to sport in the neighborhood, which “was born in the 90s, with a deficit of cultural and sporting places”, according to Quintanilla Arquitectos. The Cañales Sports Complex and Skate Park provides citizens with various facilities, including an indoor basketball court, soccer field, skate park, playground and outdoor gym.

With subtle hints of modern brutalism through the concrete poles and steel trusses, the Cañales sports complex also has significant shaded areas “for fun and coexistence”.

Image credit: Onnis Luque


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