Shanghai Fashion Week goes online as the city recovers from the COVID


Shanghai Fashion Week has moved entirely online as the city is still resuming normal business since its COVID-19 outbreak. The event has been postponed to the end of March.

Li Weigang, founder of outerwear brand Rico Lee, had just one week to prepare for the online debut. Li’s brand was planning an offline show for the fall and winter season, but everything was halted when the outbreak began.

Rico Lee is a local Shanghai fashion brand with a design center and production center based in the city. As COVID-19 restrictions were enforced in March, sales of its spring and summer collections were also affected.

With orders for the fall and winter seasons already postponed for more than two months, Li hopes to do her best for the online show.


The words “20 years of Shanghai Fashion Week” are displayed on a building. /Shanghai Fashion Week

The words “20 years of Shanghai Fashion Week” are displayed on a building. /Shanghai Fashion Week

“We want to do our best for the digital show because Shanghai Fashion Week has always been our partner and gave us a good platform to introduce ourselves. We want to at least let buyers across the country and even the foreigner that we made a good collection,” Li said.

Almost the same thing happened to other local brands.

Ji Cheng was planning an offline show with 20 models. Although Shanghai has lifted COVID-19 restrictions since early June, brand founder Ji Cheng said it was difficult to track down her reserved models as many left Shanghai.

So Ji decided to use two kinds of virtual backgrounds to provide better visual effects on mobile phones. The number of models has also been reduced to just three to display 36 looks.

Ji said that although the preparations were also urgent, presenting a show online also has its advantages.

“With virtual backgrounds, you can do things that can’t be done on [a] real scene, such as the use of changing neon lights and moving objects. It’s a lot of fun and it’s my first time trying it,” Ji said.

From June 17 to 19, around 40 fashion houses are taking part in the three-day Shanghai Digital Fashion Week.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Shanghai Fashion Week. And this is the very first time that the fashion event has gone online.

The size of the online event, of course, cannot compare to pre-outbreak editions, but the online debut should help designers showcase their latest collections as soon as possible.

(Cover image: Technicians add post-production effects as models walk. /CGTN)

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