Survey: Necessary tools needed for flexible work

KUALA LUMPUR: According to a Dell Technologies survey, 76% of Malaysian respondents say they need their organizations to provide the tools and infrastructure to work anywhere.

Malaysia’s Country Director Mak Chin Wah said companies had made huge feats to connect, collaborate and conduct business online during the pandemic, but they weren’t over.

“In fact, they fear that their employees will be left behind because they don’t have the right technology to move to a highly distributed model.

“Technology alone is not enough. Companies must also make work fair for people with different needs, interests and responsibilities,” he said when presenting the survey results yesterday.

The field survey was conducted by market research firm Vanson Bourne from August to October 2021 at over 40 locations in all regions of the world.

Mak said 82% of Malaysian employees would like organizations to clearly define ongoing commitments to flexible working hours and the practicalities of how they operate, empower leaders to manage remote teams effectively and equitably, and give employees the means to choose their preferred work models and provide the necessary tools. /Infrastructure.

Meanwhile, he said the survey highlights that sustainable digital transformation happens at the intersection of people and technology and that organizations should provide employees with consistent and secure work experiences, help boost productivity by increasing human capabilities with technological tools, as well as inspiring employees through empathy. culture and authentic leadership.

He said most organizations around the world, including Malaysia, realize the need to digitally transform, but find digital transformation difficult.

Mak noted that people don’t always embrace change.

“This human-tech friction is only made worse by the pandemic and we end up with companies that are more digitally resilient, but a lot of their employees are burnt out.

“Today, companies that aspire to sustainable success must ask themselves how they can help their employees in a thoughtful and targeted way to face new changes”, he added. — Bernama


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