The Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week: Kourtney Kardashian, Tracee Ellis Ross, Fran Drescher, and More

We want sparkle! We want shine! And Cardi B delivered just that this week. The rapper posed in a pair of sparkly fishnet stockings that touched mid-thigh. But that’s not all: she gave this flashy accessory a playful twist by wearing it not under but over her open-toe heeled sandal. All the creative freedom – and don’t be surprised if you see this trending soon.

Kourtney Kardashian buttoned up in her very Kourtney way. The reality star posed in a gray and black mini dress that showed off plenty of leg. She paired the sassy iteration of A hard worker costume with a metallic high-heeled sandal. The look appears to be a precursor to something to come thanks to the caption, which read, “Giving the boss some business coming soon.” Any guesses?

Euphoria actor Angus Cloud gave us the #ootd photo dump for the ages, which included big brands and more underground names. In one look, he opted for a bleach-stained sweatshirt from Eric Manuel, a plaid vest, striped shirt, sweatpants and gigantic sneakers from Happy.99. In another instance, the actor wore a green Sean Jean hoodie and a pair of Chrome Hearts sweatshirts. A standout ensemble saw Cloud in a shirt that featured Will Smith’s face, a pair of Chrome Hearts pants once again, a Tombogo belt, and green M&M slippers with a matching hat. No matter what he wore, Cloud looked fabulous.

There is also Fran Drescher who injects Fran Fine-in-2022 into our lives. The Nanny the actor traveled to Mallorca, Spain wearing Bottega Veneta and his signature green. The look included a white turtleneck, loose green pants, sandals and a bag. The whole place was green and Drescher was beaming. What better combo is there?

Finally, Tracee Ellis Ross looked smooth this week. She wore a perfectly fitted black suit, styled by her stylist Karla Welch. Fun fact: the costume was courtesy of ThredUp. We love a chic and eco-responsible find.

Here, discover the best fashion Instagrams of the week.

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