Thermo-Regulating Cooling Pillows : cooling pillow

It can often be difficult to get a good night’s sleep during the hot summer months, but brands like Sleep Country aim to solve this problem with ultra-comfortable and effective cooling pillows.

Sleep Country’s 37.5 Pillow is a performance driven product that incorporates optimized material technology into the fiber composition of the pillow. This innovative construction, courtesy of supplier 37.5 Technology, harnesses the body’s infrared energy and quickly wicks water vapor away from the user’s skin. Diffusion helps create a cooling effect while eliminating any discomfort, odor or other bacteria.

Sleep Country’s cooling pillow shell is made from a 300 thread count, 37.5 fiber cotton blend. The filling, which provides temperature regulation, down-like loft and perfect support, incorporates 37.5 with Loftelle down alternative fibers.

Image Credit: Sleep Country


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