TikToker Catches Man Lying in Zoom Interview in Starbucks

When you have important conversations in public, you always run the risk of people overhearing what you have to say.

Such was the case for a TikToker that is now going viral after sharing its story of eavesdropping on someone’s job interview while at a local Starbucks.

TikToker Brittany Lima said she noticed the man in front of her was interviewing on Zoom for what she assumed was a management position and things got weird when the interviewer asked. asked the man how many people he managed in his previous job, and he gave a very specific answer of 352.

She then said the interviewee told the man he couldn’t know anything about his old company and that it didn’t show up when he Googled it – and that’s what at which point the man told the interviewer that he had lied and that his previous job and the company did not exist.

Then it got worse.

@_brittanylima Sometimes it’s worth skipping the drive-thru

“He’s like, ‘Look, I’ve never had a job in my life,'” Lima told viewers. “‘My girlfriend is in her third pregnancy and she says if I can’t find a job she’s about to fire me. Please. Let’s continue this interview and I promise I’ll be the best employee. all time.'”

Lima then said the interviewer decided to let him continue the interview and asked him if he was lying about where he went to college when the man slammed his laptop and left the room. coffee chain.

Talk about a microphone drop!

Commentators were losing their heads over the man’s antics.

“I only wish I had that level of confidence,” one user joked.

“It’s the fact that he didn’t even try to be honest, he just gave up,” another pointed out.

Others lamented that the man may have interviewed at Starbucks because he didn’t have working Wi-Fi at his home, which made many feel bad for him.

Lima’s video has since racked up more than 2.8 million views.


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