Urfi Javed slams Chahat Khanna for making ‘cheap’ fashion remarks on her outfit

Bigg Boss OTT fame Urfi Javed has slammed Chahatt Khanna for making ‘Nasty’ and ‘Cheap’ fashion remarks about his dress sense via social media. Urfi Javed reacted angrily when Chahatt Khanna tried to humiliate him for his attire. The two are currently trading blows on social media.

With his review of Urfi Javed and his latest attire, Chahatt Khanna caused a stir. Chahatt humiliated Urfi for her clothing choices by sharing a collage of images of her wearing a neon green dress during a recent outing. Chahatt made accusations, but Urfi didn’t lie down and called her a “hypocrite” in response. Chahatt shared Urfi’s photos on her Instagram stories, she continued to write, “Who’s wearing this? And in the streets? I mean anyone would take their clothes off and the media would make a celebrity out of them? Are Indian media so vulnerable? It’s easy to buy that cheap publicity and media, that cheap show that you’re going to promote to our generation. Anyone would pay to scout and do anything or even go naked and you’ll wear it? It is odiously sad!! May God grant you some wisdom.”

“At least I’m not buying followers! Also, if you were doing your homework, I was there for an interview, I was dressed for an interview that’s none of your business, you’re just jealous that even after having paid the paps they don’t cover you. @chahattkhanna also everything anyone does on this earth is none of your business why didn’t you upload this story for Ranveer Singh? Show your hypocrisy. See I didn’t judge you for your BOTH divorces, dating younger men so why judge me?” Urfi wrote in response. She later shared a photo of Chahatt showing off her bare back to the camera, she wrote, “So you are allowed to post such photos on social media for the world to see? Social media pe toh asli log Nahi hote na? You are jealous my love and also you are a tyrant. I’m sad for your daughter. What kind of mother they have. Shit,” she wrote. Uorfi also wrote, “At least I’m earning my own money without living off child support from my 2 ex-husbands! @chahattkhanna I’m not coming to judge you how much you love your life. Idk what these aunts have against me lol.”

Right after that, Chahatt has now penned a post in one of his Instagram stories, sharing his response in reaction to Urfi’s comments. “I don’t need to be part of this drama, but it’s essential that my followers know, people talk and little bark a lot, but people who know me know that I’ve worked hard to come here and have a lifestyle not alimony , please check the records first before speaking , i never took a single penny so my divorce could have been easily targeted , everyone knows that .but people with class would never do that, so I don’t expect class from classless or paid media. A baki jisko jo acha lagta hai likho.. mera kya (Write whatever you want. What is it is for me),” she wrote. Urfi Javed’s fashion buzz continues to grab headlines as she has taken her daring to the next level and left no stone unturned to amuse netizens. Chahatt is a television actor who starred in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. (ANI)

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