Vande Bharat Express: Indian Railways to make major changes in network

The indian railways will have to make major changes to its network to Vande Bharat trains because they consume twice as much electricity as normal electric trains.

This system has been implemented in many countries where high-speed passenger trains operate, including China, Japan, France and South Africa.

If the railways plan to run Vande Bharat trains across its entire network, major changes will have to be made throughout the network and more and more power will also be required.

Existing overhead lines may find it difficult to meet future demand for high-speed trains running simultaneously. It was therefore decided to modernize the overhead cables.

Recently, the railways launched a tender for a 1650 km track between Delhi and Mughalsarai at a cost of Rs 1140 crore. The railways will have to bring 247 broad-gauge networks completely onto the electric grid by 2023. In this sense, they have succeeded on a route of 52,247 km until April this year, on a network of 65,414 km .

The 16-car Shatabdi Express has a locomotive at one end which provides about 6,000 horsepower while the Vande Bharat train has eight motorized cars which provide about 12,000 horsepower to the train. Therefore, working on the Vande Bharat train network is also a big challenge.


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