Vegan Fashion Week and Ukrainian Fashion Week join forces

It is with great enthusiasm that Vegan Fashion Week® and Ukrainian Fashion Week announce their partnership in Los Angeles from October 10-12, 2022. With shared core values ​​around creativity and sustainability, the collaboration offers a unique opportunity to share an inspirational message relating to the state of our planet to an audience global.

While fashion week is all about clothes on the runway, it’s also a means of creative expression, a glimpse into the environmental, socio-economic and political situation of the world. This year’s event comes with a strong message inviting everyone to reflect on the importance of compassion as a pillar of world peace, to highlight the connections between humans, biodiversity and the urgent need to stop our negative impact on the planet and its inhabitants. This important fashion collaboration aims to showcase the best of Ukrainian fashion through a collective runway show, designer showroom and authentic conversations around ethics and sustainability in fashion hosted by the new California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles.

“For 25 years, we have worked hard to become the unifying force of the fashion industry and its most influential actor. In 1997, designers received a call from Ukrainian Fashion Week to unite in the industry, and today UFW is growing in key areas – sustainability, digitalization, inclusion and diversity. Since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, we have all been living in an incredible state of stress and survival that everyone is feeling in every corner of our country. However, Ukrainian designers found the strength during the war to create new collections to tell the world about Ukrainian resilience and courage, as well as to show Ukrainian national identity through fashion,” – Iryna Danylevska, founder and CEO of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Although not one of the main four, Vegan Fashion Week® has in recent years been the springboard for vegan fashion and one access point for important messages. As one of the most influential international fashion weeks, VFW has become a beacon of hope for an ethical and sustainable lifestyle, emerging and established designers, and creates industry-wide change. He has also made a name for himself by creating pioneering collaborations between plant-based textiles, brands and industry leaders in his quest to end the use of materials of animal origin in the fashion industry.

“As we continue to focus on our movement’s responsibility to incubate and strengthen the future of vegan fashion, we are incredibly humbled and proud to welcome Ukraine Fashion Week as a guest of this year and seize the opportunity to present their exceptional vision to our international audience.. I look forward to activating our partnership and our parallel commitment to celebrate creativity in meaningful design.” says Emmanuelle Rienda, Founder of Vegan Fashion Week ®.

This historic event promises to be a inclusive platform of education, discovery and collaboration, highlighting a whole cruelty-free experience the fashion we wear, the beauty we put on our skin and the food we eat. It encapsulates a world where ethics and trends intersect as a celebration of human evolution.


Rienda plans to cultivate the global fashion scene with exciting collaborations and activations, such as the exclusivity for the launch of a capsule collection by Nous Étudions (LVMH Prize 2020 Shortlist Designer) in collaboration with cactus-based biomaterials Desserto ®. And continue to establish Vegan World, the only trade show focused on vegan fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

Ticket purchases and additional donations will benefit the VFW Mentorship Fund, which provides ongoing support to emerging sustainable fashion designers to increase their exposure and business opportunities in the US market. The benefits of this season will support Ukrainian fashion designers.

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