Wine-Based Canned Cocktails : picnic brunch

Picnic Brunch is a brand of canned cocktails that makes drinks that are perfect for sipping at brunch. Today, the brand delivered three new ready-to-drink mimosas, bellinis and Bloody Marys just in time for patio season. The ‘Mimosa’ is made with premium sparkling wine and orange juice and can be enjoyed neat or over ice. The “Bloody Mary” offers flavors of seasoned tomatoes and spices, and the “Bellini” combines sparkling wine and peach juice for an elevated drinking experience.

Picnic Brunch can be purchased online from the brand’s website in 41 states and select stores, with the 12-pack priced at $44.97 and the 24-pack priced at $89.96 USD. Picnic Brunch drinks are gluten-free, made with natural ingredients and measured at 5.5% ABV.

Image credit: Picnic Brunch


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