Woman who accused Premier League footballer of rape targeted by online abuse | UK | News

The footballer, who has not been named, was arrested in north London on July 4 following allegations of rape against a woman in her twenties in June. After it was announced that police would take no further action regarding a June 2021 allegation, the unnamed woman was subjected to “considerable violence”.

Barnet Police said they were “alarmed” at being told the woman was being targeted.

In a statement on Twitter, Barnet Police said: “Following media reports of the decision to take no further action (in relation to an offence) against a 29-year-old man arrested on July 4 on suspicion of rape, we We were alarmed to learn that the plaintiff in this case was subjected to considerable abuse.

“It takes courage to come forward to the police. Those who do deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of the outcome of any subsequent investigation. Any abuse, online or otherwise, is unacceptable.

“In this case, no further action was taken as the relevant legislation had not yet entered into force at the time of the alleged infringement.

“This was explained to the complainant who continues to be supported by officers.”

The player was further arrested while in police custody for allegations of raping another woman in April and June 2021.

However, Met Police said “no further action” would be taken regarding the June 2021 allegation.

Scotland Yard said in a previous statement: “On July 4, an allegation of the rape of a woman in her twenties was reported to the police.

“The alleged rape was reported to have occurred in June 2022. On July 4, a 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of rape and taken into custody.

“While in police custody, he was further arrested on suspicion of two incidents of rape allegedly committed in April and June 2021 against another woman in her twenties.

“No further action will be taken regarding the June 2021 breach, but the investigation into the remaining breaches is ongoing.

“The man was initially released on bail until a date in August, but his bail has since been extended to early October.”

The player denies the allegations and has been released on bail until August.

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