WW Book Club Picks: Best New Books June 19 – 25

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. . . The man who never reads lives only one. This quote is from George RR Martin, author of an epic fantasy series A song of ice and firenovels adapted from the legendary HBO series game of thrones. Martin’s point is that books can broaden our minds, broaden our perspectives, and give us insight into how other people live without us ever having to leave home. Lose yourself in someone else’s head for a change by choosing a book from this week’s book club pick list.

These World Woman recommendations include everything from a radical sci-fi epic to a memoir from the mother of two famous NBA players. Take a break from your own life and slip into another. And if none of that sounds good to you, check out last week’s book club picks!

Meant to be by Emily Giffin

Bestselling author Emily Giffin is well known for her romantic and sentimental sagas – and her latest novel follows suit. This story begins in 1967 when the American “royal” Joseph S. Kingsley Jr. is killed, and his inheritance passes to Joe III. But charismatic, free-spirited Joe struggles with this new load of expectations. Soon, his path crosses the famous model Cate Cooper, and they are attracted to each other. Is it meant to be?

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Half-blown rose by Leesa Cross-Smith

This irresistibly gripping novel follows Vincent as she escapes to Paris right after her husband Cillian’s betrayal. There, she is immersed in an exciting world of passion and art, and she catches the attention of a charming young man named Wolf. She is now estranged from Cillian, but agrees to see him again at their son’s wedding. As her affair with Loup heats up, Vincent must now decide what she really wants out of life.

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The Messy Lives of Book People by Phaedra Patrick

Filled with heartwarming moments and a charming cast of characters, this tale stars Liv Green, who works as a housekeeper and enjoys getting lost in good books. So when she lands a job as a cleaner for famed author Essie Starling, she’s stunned. The duo form a bond, and then when Essie passes away, her dying wish is for Liv to finish her latest novel. A story of friendship and the pursuit of your dreams.

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Explore the Lost Earth by Erin Swan

Space exploration, dystopian society and glimpses of the future… this mind-blowing and moving sci-fi tale has it all. Told over seven generations, the vast epic centers on a bison hunter named Samson in Kansas in 1873, a young girl named Bea in 1975, an engineer named Paul in 2027, and Moon, who lives alone on Mars with her two alien uncles in 2073. Each has an exciting story to tell about ancestry, legacy, and hope.

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fierce love: A Memoir on Family, Faith, and Purpose by Sonya Curry

Being the mother of NBA players Steph and Seth Curry and college volleyball player Sydel Curry kept Sonya Curry busy for years. But in her new book, Sonya details untold stories from her life before her children became superstar athletes. Filled with inspiring stories of the peaks, valleys and challenges of her past and how she found a deep connection with God, Sonya’s journey shines a light on the importance of family and faith. She encourages readers to remain hopeful in difficult times and to believe that the joy is worth the fight.

Grab a copy here! ($19.59, Amazon)

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