Ya Fav Trashman Terrill Haigler to publish first children’s book, donate portion of sales to Philly schools

Former Philadelphia Sanitary Worker Terrill Haigler, better known as Ya Fav Trashman, is set to release his first children’s book later this month.

“I’m Cool Too” is an effort by Haigler to help educate children about the importance of sanitation and living in a clean community. Illustrated by Deborah Tyson, the book is the product of a months-long Kickstarter campaign and will be available on June 30.

at Haigler Instagram posts detailing cleanups and trash collection has earned him national recognition as a community activist. Before quitting his job in the sanitation department at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in February 2021, he realized how important his job was to keep the city streets clean.

He then founded Trash 2 Treasure, a non-profit organization that works to encourage community engagement and promote clean cities.

“I have a theory that the way to have a cleaner, safer city is for every ZIP code to have a clean block,” Haigler said. “Studies show that littering is a learned behavior. I’ve had conversations with my own kids about litter, and their responses have been really negative.”

Haigler said her book is meant to promote positive interactions with waste and recycling, as well as advocate for sanitation workers who keep communities clean.

The book is based on a real conversation Haigler had with his children – Aria, Aiden and Aubree – about his work and why he does it. He told Billy Penn earlier this year that his kids asked him why he was a sanitation worker instead of something less “cheesy” like a police officer or a pilot.

“In the book, the kids fall asleep and they have this dream,” Haigler said. “They end up becoming my new hires at work, and I guide them through the process of working as a sanitation worker. I show them the importance of work, people, community and not throwing waste away. waste.”

In addition to crowdfunding money to fund the project, Haigler plans to donate $5 from every book sold to the Philadelphia School District. Its goal is to sell 200,000 copies and donate $1 million, ideally by depositing checks for directors to use as they see fit.

Haigler became a sanitation worker in 2019, just months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the city and caused widespread waste delays due to understaffing and quarantine requirements.

During the summer of 2020, as residents across the city began to complain that their trash was not being collected for weeks, Haigler made the decision to start “Ya Fav Trashman.” This allowed him to answer questions and engage with locals while sharing an inside look at the life of a sanitation worker.

He gained further notoriety when he launched an online fundraiser with t-shirts to help provide PPE to sanitation workers, helping them in their efforts to effectively resume service despite continued delays.

The account quickly caught on and currently has over 31,000 followers. Haigler has since expanded his reach, speaking at the White House on July 4, 2021, being featured on “TODAY” during his Earth Day segment earlier this year, and hosting an Earth Day litter walk. of 5K.

“I’m Cool Too” is available for pre-order now and costs $20 plus shipping. You can find “Ya Fav Trashman” on Instagram.


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