Young girl’s Matilda Jane fashion dreams come true with Make A Wish Foundation


A dream come true for Addy Iannello-Kompare, 11, who has cystic fibrosis on Wednesday, all thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation. Traveling, thanks to the foundation, from Indiana to southwest Florida, Addy becomes a fashion designer with Matilda Jane.

Addy was able to show off her skills to the designers right up to designing her own bag.

Addy said: “I wanted to design for Matilda Jane, ever since I was little.” She showed her sketchbook to clothing designers Matilda Jane.

Addy showing off her sketchbook during her Make A Wish visit to Matilda Jane. (CREDIT: NEWS GLANCE)

When asked what her drawings mean to her, Addy replied, “A lot. They mean a lot of likes to me, a lot of things. They make me happy to give. They give a little more to my life.

Addy was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was three weeks old. Her mother, Tara Iannello, has been very clear if the diagnosis stops her daughter.

Iannello said, “Oh, no. Shit, no. She played outside all day and did everything she could. You don’t even know the child is sick.

The day at Matilda Jane for Addy was very eventful. Designing her own handbag, sneak peek at the fall collection, looking beautiful and most importantly giving her expert advice on all of Matilda Jane’s social media platforms.

Mathilde Jeanne
Addy shares social media tips while visiting Matilda Jane. (CREDIT: NEWS GLANCE)

Donna Colaco, CEO and Executive Chairman of Woman with Matilda Jane Clothing, said: “We say we believe we can change the world one lap at a time and be able to impact Addy and see her smile and be so filled with joy today is more gratification than I can get from anything I do all day.

Iannello said: “It means the world because it’s something she will never forget. She can last forever even in the hospital, or wherever she is in her life.

Addy shopped for the summer collection and brought home lots of clothes. Matilda Jane Clothing will soon ship her the handbag she designed herself.

Cystic fibrosis didn’t stop Addy from living her dream. An inspiring story of overcoming illness and showing true strength.

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